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All Grassed Up by Eddie Raven & Carolina Road (Oasis Entertainment)

Eddy Raven, country star turned country-grasser has released his album All Grassed Up along with the bluegrass band Carolina Road to transform some of Raven’s hit country songs with new bluegrass arrangements which were released July 21, 2017, on the Pinecastle Records label.

Check Out “All Grassed Up” with Eddy Raven & Carolina Road

Must Listen: Eddy Raven teams with Bluegrass band Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road re-creating his biggest hits on ALL GRASSED UP. Check it out!

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes #1 Billboard Charting Artist Eddy Raven (MTS Management Group)

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes #1 Billboard Charting Artist Eddy Raven

True Grass by Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road (Oasis Entertainment Blog)

True Grass is the new single by Pinecastle recording artists Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road. The song will be featured on the band’s upcoming album dropping later this year and is a mixture of country and bluegrass.

Check out “True Grass!” – (That’s Country, Y’all!)

We’re really digging Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road‘s new single, “True Grass” featuring Junior Sisk and more! Check it out.

Review: Lorraine Jordan is True Grass

For Lorraine Jordan and band Carolina Road, it is vital to save Country Music’s long-established sound that is being lost in the bright lights of Nashville today.

Five Bluegrass Songs All Music Fans Need to Hear

Bluegrass music is a genre with a rich history, certainly filled with ups and downs. Still alive more than ever, band’s continue to expand on the sound, giving new stylistic approaches. The music is what separates the genre from others, with it’s rigorous instrumentation and heartfelt (sometimes darker) lyrics.

Featured Band: Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road (Indie Beatz Magazine)

Pinecastle recording artists Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road have a distinct sound and charismatic stage show, which sets them apart from many traditional bluegrass bands.


Nashville, Tenn. – The wait is over, as Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road release their highly anticipated single, “True Grass (Why Can’t Bluegrass Just Be True Grass Again)” via Pinecastle Records.

True Grass single and video from Lorraine and Junior – ( Bluegrass Today)

The battle over the proper boundaries of bluegrass rages on, and Lorraine Jordan adds her $.02 in the form of a new song…

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road – True Grass – (Australian Bluegrass)

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road release their highly anticipated single, True Grass (Why Can’t Bluegrass Just Be True Grass Again) via Pinecastle Records…

Lorraine Jordan Helps the Next Generation – (Carolina Country)

Bluegrass master Lorraine Jordan is helping the next generation

TG Sheppard Do You Want To Go To Heaven? – (Australian Bluegrass)

Here is a new venture into bluegrass music by well know country music stalwart TG Sheppard. According to his website he has always had an unstoppable passion……..

Bluegrassers Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road Release Latest Video “Do You Wanna Go To Heaven” w/Country Legend T.G. Sheppard – (The Daily Country)

Bluegrass crowd favorites Lorraine Jordan & Carolina have turned a lot of heads with their latest project, Country Grass. The band continues to leave their mark on…………